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iCharleston Kelowna 2017

Welcome to iCharleston Kelowna! We are so excited that you will begin your university career here at UBC.

Below is some important information regarding UBC's Okanagan campus, iCharleston fees, and iCharleston course registration. 

Welcome to UBC's Okanagan campus!

For more information about UBC's Okanagan campus, please click here.

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Fee Schedule

iCharleston Fees - Paid through online form  
UBCO application fee (academic and housing) $162.00 CAD 
Jumpstart Orientation
$971.25 CAD
iCharleston programming fee $600.00 CAD
Bedding/towel package (mandatory) $200.00 CAD
TOTAL: Payment due by July 31, 2017 $1933.25 CAD
Housing Fees - Paid through Student Service Centre (SSC)  
TOTAL: Housing and meal plan (due over 2 installments - see below) $5039.75 CAD
(Acceptance payment due in June upon housing acceptance) ($1700.00 CAD)
(Remaining balance due September 22, 2017) ($3339.75 CAD)
Tuition and Student Fees - Paid through Student Service Centre (SSC)  
Tuition (based on a full course load of 5 courses) $17,423.55 CAD 
Student Fees (including medical insurance)  $748.70 CAD 
TOTAL: Payment due by September 6, 2017  $18,172.25 CAD 


Course Registration

iCharleston Kelowna registration will open through the Student Service Centre on June 20, 2017 at 8:30 am PST (11:30 am EST). Please register on time before classes fill up!

To register, select five (5) courses from the left-hand side of the list below, including INDG 100. All courses transfer to iCharleston, but not all courses will fit your schedule. The right-hand side of the list indicates the course credit you will receive at the College of Charleston.

 INDG 100* Introduction to Indigenous Studies (*required)  ANTH 109 
 ANTH 203 Global Contemporary Art  ARTH 391 
 CRWR 160 Introduction to Writing Fiction and Drama  ENGL 1EE (English elective, 100-level) 
 CULT 100 Media and Popular Cultures in Global Context  ENGL 190 
 FILM 100 Introduction to Film Studies  ENGL 212 
 HIST 115 World History from First to Second World War  HIST 241 
 MATH 111 Finite Mathematics  MATH 103 
 MUSC 115 Popular Music and Visual Cultures MUSC 232
 PHIL 111 Introduction to Philosophy  PHIL 101 
 POLI 220 Introduction to Comparative Politics  POLI 240 
 SOCI 111 Introduction to Sociology  SOCY 101 
 SUST 100 Sustainability: People, Place, and Process  ENVT 1EE (environmental studies elective, 100-level)