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International Community Achievement Award (ICAA)


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Recipients 2017/2018

An Goto is a third-year Bachelor of Science studentwho has volunteered many hours organizing fundraising events for UNICEF,creating winter programs for International Programs and Services, and alsoworking as a chemistry tutor.  An recently received an undergraduateresearch award for her proposed research in devising an environmentallysustainable blue dye from beetroot.  Her professor Dr. David Jackdescribes An as “an excellent student, [who] often obtain[s] the highest markin the class.”

Philip Jaling is an International UndergraduateResearch Award recipient who is in his third-year of studies in the Faculty ofManagement. He has been involved in numerous academic and community-basedendeavours and spent his summer examining the impact of small environmentalprojects on the communities they serve in the North Okanagan. In addition, heis also a Residence Advisor and International Student Peer RecruitmentAssistant. Philip is recognized for “going well above and beyond in his role asan IPRA and made a great different to dozens of incoming international studentsto our campus.”

Delun Chen is a third-year student in the Bachelor of Applied Scienceprogram.  Delun's focus of study has been in remote sensing and controlprojects. , Dr. Hoorfar, The Director of the School of Engineering, hasshared that "Delun is an outgoing student, who is willing to learn aboutdifferent cultures and make friends with people from all aroundworld."  Delun is also a member of the UBCO Aero Club where he builta "quadcopter" and improved the dynamic design for a fixed-wingaircraft.

Eric Ma is a third-year student in the Bachelor ofApplied Science who has been on the Dean’s Honour List in both 2015 and 2016academic years.  He has been part of Dr. Idris’ research team since 2015and in January 2017, Eric co-authored a research paper and presented at theTransportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting. This paper is expected tobe published in the Transportation Research Record (TRR), Journal of theTRB.  This is a great accomplishment as Dr. Idris reports that “everyyear, more than 5,000 papers get submitted by researchers for presentation atthe TRB conference. About 50% of the submitted papers get presented at the TRBand only 20% get published in the TRR.”

DavidMinaei is a third-yearstudent in the Faculty ofManagement. David is an active member of the Management Student Association andrecently travelled as a representative to the city of Calgary to meet and visitwith various businesses. David also works in the Student Housing office oncampus.  His supervisor mentioned that "David is the first person tohelp out a colleague, take an additional shift, stay late to help someone out.He understands the residence community and has always been pleasant and helpfulwith our resident students as well as going the extra mile to find a solutionto their needs in the evenings."

Patience Spinoza (Spino) Okuku is a third-yearstudent in the Faculty of Management, as well as part of the group of ISI’sInternational Scholars Program. Since his first year arriving on this campus,Spino has continuously been involved on campus, working for Aboriginal Programsand Services, International Programs and Services in various roles and anacademic assistant for the English Foundation program. He has also beeninvolved as a Residence Advisor and is the Vice-President Internal of UBC Students' Union Okanagan this year. Spinohas also founded the Age-Link Club that strives to build bridges betweenyounger and older persons in the Kelowna community.

Melany Sanchez is a fourth-year student in theFaculty of Management and has been involved in numerous activities andinitiatives on campus. Melany has contributed her time and skills to theJumpstart program, Peer Mentor program, and the Food Exchange, just to name afew. In addition to her academic excellence, Melany also works as a TA in theChemistry Undergraduate Lab and has earned high praise from her professors andsupervisors.

Ana Karina Guiterrez Sotamayor is a very active andpassionate third year student in the Faculty of Management.  She waselected as the International Representative for the Faculty of ManagementStudent-Body Relationship Working Group and has developed a workshop entitled“The Curious Leader,” which she presented at the Student Leadership Conferencein January 2017.