Health Clinic

At the UBC Okanagan student health clinic, we provide treatment and consultation for any student health concerns, and offer health information and referrals for physical, emotional or sexual/reproductive health.

Our clinical team of Registered Nurses and General Practitioners can assist students with:

  • Assessment and treatment of health concerns
  • Prescriptions
  • First Aid
  • Reproductive and Sexual health click here
  • Transcare Management (please contact the clinic for specifics)
  • Lab tests, blood work, x-rays, ultrasounds and diagnostic scans
  • Harm reduction supplies 
  • Allergy shots (please contact the clinic for specifics)


Note to Parents

Whenever possible, we encourage students to schedule their own appointments. If you are concerned about your child's health and are unsure how to help them, please ask to speak with the clinic nurse and she may be able to assist you. While the nurse may not be able to respond to your request immediately, she will assist you as promptly as possible.


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