Sport for Development India:
Empowering Children Through Sport and Play


Program dates 

May 6 - 24, 2019

About the program

This year's program will be lead by Dr. Stephen Berg.

This  is an immersion service-learning course that enables students to work with the NGO YFC Rurka Kalan, (http://www.yfcrurkakalan.orglinks to external site) a community based and community driven initiative in the areas of sports, youth development, health, education, and skill development. YFC works in three districts of Punjab, a state of India that shares its border with Pakistan. The following provides a description of YFC Rurka Kalan’s initiatives where students have the opportunity to plan, observe, and teach:

  • Pragati - Sports for Development Project
  • Lakshya - Sports for Excellence Project
  • Vidya - Education Project
  • Hunar - Skill Development Project
  • Prerna - Children with Special Needs Therapy and Physiotherapy Centre


Details of each project are delineated below and students have the opportunity to work in one or several projects:

Project Pragati: Pragati means development in English. Pragati is YFC Rurka Kalan’s flagship Sports for Development Project (S4D). It is being run in 40 villages/schools and all the 4000 youth/children enrolled in YFC’s various programs attend these sessions.  The program is intended to change deep-seated attitudes, behaviours and practices, and is activity based. Young people selected and trained from the communities themselves deliver these sessions. The primary domains of YFC’s S4D program are: Education and skill development; health; gender; and prevention of substance abuse. The activity/session curriculum is designed in such a way that positive messages are always reinforced. 

Project Lakshya: The English word for Lakshya is target. Apart from running Soccer, wrestling and Kabaddi Academies for day trainees, YFC Rurka Kalan has a residential training centre for 40 talented but needy soccer players from around the country. This residential facility provides boarding, lodging, education, and other facilities so that these children can attain their full potential. As part of sports for excellence program, football training is provided to the children and youth in more than 20 schools/community centers. 

  • Sports training sessions of girls and boys as a coach/instructor
  • Motivational lectures 
  • Organize small festivals/competitions

Project Vidya: In Hindi, the word for wisdom or knowledge is Vidya. The education project is based on values that encourage critical thinking, questioning mind, scientific temperament, creativity, imagination, and holistic development. YFC Rurka Kalan works with Government schools of the area and entails: Supporting schools with Teaching Assistants/Youth Mentors; supporting schools in organising sports events; and supporting schools in developing and delivering sports curriculum. YFC is also working on a curriculum/content for its beneficiaries (a continuous process) wherein all the beneficiaries have to attain a minimum level of understanding of different subjects to start with and then go on to higher levels.

  • Educational classes in schools and at the Academy
  • Curriculum Planning

Project Hunar: Under the Hunar (‘Skill’) Project, YFC Rurka Kalan provides technology education to boys and girls. Courses offered are a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) and a Diploma in Information Technology (DIT). The YFC Computer Centre is affiliated with Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corporation Ltd. 

  • Personality Development and Communication skills training


Project Prerna: Under project Prerna, YFC runs a specialized centre for physiotherapy and rehabilitation that not only caters to orthopaedic issues of the aged and sports persons but also includes therapeutic treatment, inclusive education, and physiotherapy for children with special needs. This centre is fully equipped with latest high quality electro diagnostic and electrotherapeutic modalities for Orthopaedic, Sports Rehab, Neurological Rehab, and Paediatrics Rehab. The centre has highly skilled, qualified, and experienced staff including physiotherapists who provide an accurate diagnosis and efficient and effective treatment for a whole range of not only physical issues and sports injuries, but also caters to the rehabilitation and therapeutic needs of children.

  • Help the therapists to work with children with special needs.

General timeline


Week 1: Introduction to Rurka Kalan, YFC Rurka Kalan and its 5 projects associated with education and sport. Students will rotate through each project (one day per project) to gain a better understanding of what is involved. Students will observe, reflect, and begin initial planning as to the project(s) to volunteer for. Field excursion at the end of the week will be to the city of Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple.

Week 2: Students will begin to immerse themselves into the project areas of interest. Observations, planning, and some possible co- teaching/mentoring will occur during this week. Personal and group reflection sessions will be part of the experience. A field excursion to Dharamshala, India home of the Dalai Lama will take place at the end of week 2.

Week 3: Final week of involvement in one or more of YFC Rurka Kalan’s projects. Students will be immersed in planning and co-teaching/mentoring in one or more of YFC Rurka Kalan’s 5 projects. Opportunities to observe other students in project teaching will also occur during this last week. At the end of week three, interested participants can take part in a planned trip to New Delhi and then a guided tour of the Taj Mahal. 



EDUC 442 Community Field Experience (for Education students)
EDUC 462 (3 credits for non-Education students)

**Human Kinetics students - EDUC 462 will satisfy the HMKN 401 Practicum requirement. For those wishing to do a second practicum, you will still be eligible to take HMKN 402.

Program is open to students from both Okanagan and Vancouver.

Eligibility and prerequisite

An interest in working with children and youth in education, sport, and recreational settings is important but previous study isn’t required.

Program fees

Program fees – $3,000 - $3,200* 

NOTE: The program fee will be offset by $1,000 for UBC students qualifying for the Go Global Award (i.e., those students with a 70% average from their best 9 credits of the 2018-19 academic year). If you have any pass/fail courses, we will assess your average with advice from your faculty.

*The final program fee depends on the number of students in the program

INCLUDED in program fee

NOT included in program fee

  • Go Global Award is given to students who have 70% in their best 9 credits from Term 1 of the 2018-19 year
  • Accommodations
  • On-site group transportation
  • Some meals
  • Entrance fees
  • Guest lectures
  • Go Global Fee
  • Some Excursion costs
  • Flight
  • UBC tuition
  • Remainder of meals
  • Health or travel insurance
  • Immunizations (if necessary)
  • Visas (if necessary)
  • Personal spending money for communications, snacks, souvenirs, etc.


Application deadline

Deadline: Applications for this Global Seminar are now closed.

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