Advancing Literacy in Challenging Contexts: Ghana


About the Program:

Many post-secondary students seek to position their learning in ways that can make a difference.  One way is to participate in projects that connect that learning to real world challenges.  This Go Global Seminar offers an opportunity for students to participate in a Global Service-learning to create relevant material to support literacy in rural Ghana. UBC student participants are invited to collaborate with schools in the Nabdam District, the local NGO – GROW (Ghana Rural Opportunities for Women) and the Nabdam Language committee to create materials that can increase literacy in both English and the Nabit language.

The project is located in the Upper East Region, Ghana, West Africa, a region where the lack of culturally relevant reading material plays a major role in contributing to low literacy rates. The schools develop a number of story ideas and book projects throughout the year, and UBC participants will bring the storyboarding, photography, and English language expertise to turn some of those projects into books that support that Ghanaian curriculum. Through a three-day workshop, UBC students are provided with the skills necessary to complete the books which are then printed locally and distributed throughout the schools. This Go Global Seminar builds on a previous project conducted in the same region in June 2015 (see story here.)

Although this Go Global seminar is a service-learning project, participants have many opportunities to visit numerous attractions that can provide insight into the rich culture and heritage of the Ghanaian people.  Students will be housed in the city of Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana, and will be working with nearby schools within the Nabdam School District. The project will also include a professional development workshop with local teachers, as well as opportunities to contribute to adult education programs recently established in the region.

General Timeline:

This project is situated in a region that faces numerous challenges. As such students will be required to attend pre-departure sessions to introduce them to the cultural and ethical considerations of engaging in challenging contexts. The pre-departure program will also provide instruction in storyboarding and photography techniques so that participants develop the skills required for creating print-on-demand books while in Ghana.  Pre-departure activities will acquaint participants with in-country host goals and objectives.  The pre-departure sessions will take place on weekends to accommodate other practicum and course requirements and will include blog discussions and short assignments to compliment the pre-departure meetings.

Students will arrive in Accra, Ghana and travel north to Bolgatanga.

May 1-31, 2018

Program Fee:

Fees approximately $3,200 (the final fee is dependent on how many students are accepted into the program)

NOTE: The program fee will be offset by $1,000 for UBC students qualifying for the Go Global Award (i.e., those students with a 70% average over 24 credits during the 2016-17 academic year).

 INCLUDED in Program Fee

 NOT Included in Program Fee

  • Go Global Fee
  •  Flight
  •  Accommodations
  •  UBC Tuition
  •  On-site group transportation
  •  Visas (if necessary)
  •  Most meals
  •  Remainder of meals
  •  Entrance fees
  •  Health or travel insurance
  •  Guest Lectures
  •  Immunizations (if necessary)

  •  Personal spending money

Please fill out the budgeting tool prior to submitting your application. This can be found here

Coursework (one of): 

  • EDUC 442 (for Education students)
  • HMKN practicum (for Human Kinetics students)
  • Upper Level Elective - 3 credits (for everyone else)

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Eligibility and Prerequisite:

Due to this program requiring extensive pre-departure sessions, participation in this seminar is limited to students enrolled at UBC’s Okanagan Campus. For non-EDUC students can use this credit as Upper Level Electives.

Program Dates:

Summer Term 1: May 1-31, 2018

Application and Deadline:

To apply for this Global Seminar Program please complete the application form and click here.

Deadline: Applications for this Global Seminar are now CLOSED

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***Withdrawals and Refunds

If you decide to withdraw your application following submission, you need to make this request in writing by email to Dana Lowton, Please be sure to consult the Global Seminar Refund Policy terms

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