Self-directed research for undergraduate students

Self-directed Research Abroad can be a very rewarding experience for undergraduate students, especially if you have a clear idea of what you want to research or where you want to go.

In this type of exchange, you seek your own supervisor and lab at a partner institution.  Then, you incorporate research into your exchange experience.

  • Benefits
    • Your choice of lab, your choice of research
    • Offers a great way to integrate research and coursework
    • More countries to choose from
    • Costs may be more flexible than through a formal program
    • Timing is more flexible
    • Go Global will assist you once you find your supervisor
  • Disadvantages
    • You need to find the opportunity yourself
    • There may be unforeseen costs (more solid in a set program)
    • Programs may not offer academic credit
    • Most projects will require an exchange lasting at least two terms, as research will not be conducted on a full-time basis

Steps to take

1.     Find a research supervisor

The first step you need to take – before applying to Go Global – is to find a research supervisor at the host university.  Before proceeding, you will need to confirm that your target supervisor is willing and able to work with you on your project.

Tips for finding a supervisor

  • Use your network – talk to professors here on campus about their international networks in their field
  • If you want to go to a specific university, check its faculty listings and contact a professor who is doing research in an area you’re interested in
  • Search online for labs that are currently looking for new lab members – often they will have extra work that needs to be done
  • Read research papers and contact professors whose research interests you

2.     Discuss your research proposition with a Go Global advisor

Once you’ve found a research supervisor who is willing to work with you, your next steps are to talk to a Go Global advisor to review your research proposition.

3.     Apply to Go Global

You must apply for your self-directed Research Abroad project by the application deadline.

Go Global will support you throughout your Research Abroad experience.

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