Established programs for undergraduate students

  • What to consider
    • Check the program's eligibility requirements
    • Consider the area of research - know your interests, set goals, and research your options
    • Check whether the host institution offers any stipend, housing, insurance, or academic credit
  • Benefits
    • It's all set up and students have done it before
    • You'll most likely have a project
    • Most offer academic credit (check first)
  • Disadvantages
    • May require a higher academic average
    • Programs may be competitive
    • Costs may be less flexible than if self-organized

Please see a full list of established programs here.


The first U21 Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) took place in 2005 and has been growing in popularity ever since.

It aims to attract students from a diverse range of disciplines and typically includes a range of seminars and student presentations interspersed with social activities and tours to promote networking and stimulate discussion. 

The URC also offers academic staff the opportunity to engage with U21 colleagues, discuss topical issues, and develop professional networks.


  • You satisfy the requirements for Go Global eligibility
  • You must have participated in and won a prize at MURC (Multi-Disciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference) or received the UBC Okanagan Undergraduate Research Award (URA)


Once selected, please contact your travel agent for quotes and booking.
Go Global fee
This is not required at the time of application and will only be charged to accepted students.
Accommodation fee
Approximately US $55-65 per person per night.  Includes daily breakfast and wired Internet connection.
Most regular meals are covered in the program schedule or with accommodation.  Participants are responsible for any additional dining costs.
Incidentals Participants are responsible for any additional costs, including additional excursions or souvenirs.

UBC will provide selected students with a stipend to cover the majority of costs involved in participating in this experience.


Please contact Go Global at before the end of April.

For more information

Contact Go Global at, and visit the U21 Undergraduate Research Conference website.

The International Research Experience Program (IREP) offers hands-on experience in cutting-edge research projects in all departments at Technische Universität Darmstadt, one of the leading universities of technology in Germany. The aim of the program is to allow you to actively participate in ongoing research at TU Darmstadt while acquiring an insight in research techniques and methods in their field.


  • You satisfy the requirements for Go Global eligibility:
  • You are an undergraduate or graduate student in the USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand,
  • You are in good standing academically at your home institution
  • You demonstrate a keen interest in research techniques and practice


The IREP program is a one-semester program. It is offered three times a year: Fall term (IREP I), spring term (IREP 2) and summer term (IREP 3).

Language skills

German language skills are not a pre-condition for acceptance to the program – oral and written communication throughout the research project is in English

Research project

The program's main focus is a 10- to 12-week research project in a wide variety of academic areas such as engineering, social sciences, humanities, business administration, economics, natural sciences, and information technology. You can apply to participate in one of the 100 research projects listed on the Project Database or you can suggest a project of your own.

Participating students are well-supported and supervised by faculty and academic staff in the hosting departments at Technische Universität Darmstadt. Academic credit and a grade can be earned and you receive grades on the basis of your work performance and a final research paper.

Additional course modules

The program centers around a research project in a department at Technische Universität Darmstadt but can also be combined with further modules for credit, such as a German Language course prior to the fall or spring semesters and/or academic courses (held in English) during the spring semester. During the fall and spring terms, a language course, a paper, and a presentation are mandatory elements of the IREP program. You are required to participate in the full length of the program.

During the summer term, a paper and a presentation are mandatory. You are also required to participate for the full length of the program.


Technische Universität Darmstadt annually awards students from partner institutions an attractive "IREP TU Darmstadt" scholarship.

UBC credit and tuition

Students who apply for the fall or spring IREP term will pay tuition for 3 UBC credits for the language portion of the program.

There is a possibility for them to obtain further academic credit (up to 6 UBC credits) towards their degree, but this is dependent on the research project. If students are interested in obtaining credit they must obtain approval from their Department prior to the program. If it is possible for them to obtain credit, they will pay the appropriate tuition at UBC.


Students must apply for the IREP program through Go Global. Once Go Global has selected students for this Research Abroad experience, students will be invited to apply directly to IREP and select a research project.

For more information

Please contact Go Global at for further inquiries.

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