Program advisors

If you have questions about meeting your degree requirements or wish to discuss Exchange courses, the advisors identified for your faculty/department are familiar with UBCO degree structures and Go Global and will be happy to assist you as much as they can.

  • Make sure you know which courses you still need to take to graduate. This will help you determine which courses you should take abroad.
  • Tip: Studying abroad is a good time to fulfill your electives and faculty- and department-level courses, while specific courses (e.g., ANTH 435) are most easily fulfilled at UBC.
program advisors

What they do:

  • Review partner university courses
  • Look at your UBC degree requirements
  • Approve courses after you have been matched to a partner university, not before you've applied to Go Global

What they will not do:

  • Review an extensive list of courses. Aim to have 6-7 courses articulated, per term abroad.
  • Approve courses immediately. Please allow time for approvals.

When meeting with your advisor, please come with the following information:

  1. As much information as you can find for each course you plan on taking (course description, URL, etc.)
  2. Credit equivalency for your partner university.
    • Credit equivalency is found on the partner page (i.e., 6 ANU credit points = 4 UBCO credits)
  3. Length of your exchange (e.g., 1 term, full year, etc.)

The following Programs REQUIRE that you approve your courses prior to leaving on Exchange:

  • Management
  • Human Kinetics
  • Engineering
  • Science

Course pre-approval is also highly recommended for Arts/Fine Arts if you have specific credit or year-level needed (e.g., “third year” at a partner institution does not always mean “upper level” at UBC).

Below are links to Program Advisors.

  • Applied Science (please contact Sam Luckow ( for pre-approvals)
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Creative & Critical Studies (please refer to the program advisor listed for each subject)
  • Human Kinetics (Associate Director)
  • Management (please email for pre-approvals)

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