Featured volunteer stories

Find out how volunteering on campus has made a positive impact for these students.

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Jenna Stasuk - finding community and balancing life
Third Year Faculty of Management Stasuk, Jenna

Jenna got involved from her first year at UBC, not only in the Management Students’ Association but also as a Create Leader - welcoming new students to UBC! Her initial involvement led to even greater opportunities, and in her second year, she spent her reading week at Charleston University as a student leader representing UBC.  “Volunteering definitely did impact both my studies and personal life. It is just important to realize how to balance everything and prioritize what is most important to you. These experiences have allowed me to meet so many spectacular people and discover a number of other opportunities that I would have never known existed.”

Angel Mamaril - career development
UBC Okanagan Associate Academic Advisor Image - Angel

By coordinating volunteers at the Student Leadership Conference and participating in events from Global Fest to the Parent Conference, Angel developed a reputation at UBC that led to her current career as an Academic Advisor. “The volunteer opportunities I was involved have been stepping stones for job opportunities and more volunteer leadership roles that were relevant to my career goals. Once you leave a positive impression in people on campus, you will be the first person that comes to mind when certain jobs and opportunities come up. I am grateful that the staff I have worked with nurture my passion and act as mentors.”

Omar Mwangari - building professionalism
Manager in Training (MT), Cintas Canada Ltd Image - Omar

Omar knew that key skills could be acquired through volunteerism - skills that led to his career in Cintas Canada, where he works today. Whether he was presenting at international student events, collecting and processing data for The Voice Study or organizing social activities for the International Student Club, Omar was developing the groundwork for a diversity of professional opportunities. “Volunteering tremendously boosted my confidence and helped me tap into and realize my potential. It also boosted others confidence in me. I could be trusted to get things done, and done right, with the utmost professionalism. This in turn opened up numerous professional opportunities.”


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