Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship for International Students

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship (DVC) are awarded to continuing international undergraduate students entering second, third or fourth year at UBC's Okanagan campus. Scholarships are based on academic achievement in the previous year and are awarded in the following levels:

Average Award
90% or greater $1,000
80% – 89.99% $500

Eligibility criteria

  • Students are eligible for the award in the upcoming Winter Session if they were registered in at least 80% of a full-time course load for their program in each term of the previous Winter Session.
  • Students must also be registered in a minimum 24 credits in the current Winter Session to be remain eligible (minimum 12 credits per term). 
    • Please Note: 24 credits is the minimum requirement to keep the award in the current Winter Session only. In order to earn the DVC award in subsequent years, students must remain registered in 80% of a full-time course load in every session.
  • Students with a failed course in their previous Winter Session are not eligible.
  • Audited, wait-listed, and summer courses do not count toward credit requirements and are not used in the calculation of GPA.
  • GPA is calculated using the sessional average (grades from all eligible credits).
  • Students in the Faculty of Education are not eligible for this scholarship but continue to be eligible for faculty-recommended scholarships.

* Award appeals will be accepted until October 31st, 2019 for 2019 Winter Session Awards

How do I receive my award?

  • You do not need to apply for this award.  All eligible continuing International students are automatically considered for the DVC Scholarship for International Students.
  • You will be notified by email of your eligibility.
  • The award will be applied directly to your tuition and fees account.
  • Full award and installment details will be available through the Student Service Centre. 

What if I'm on exchange?

  • Students on exchange who earned a DVC scholarship in the previous academic session will receive their scholarship during their exchange year, provided they are registered in a minimum 12 credits in their non-exchange term.  Students on a year exchange are considered to be full-time for both terms and will receive their DVC award in one or two installments depending on the level of their award.
  • To be considered for a DVC Scholarship when you return from your exchange, you must submit your transcript to Student Services by September 30.  You will not automatically be considered for this award during your exchange year.

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