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Academic Scheduling Request 

We are improving our Academic Scheduling Request Form!

This request is only to be used by: Unit Assistants, Unit Heads and other staff with delegated responsibility for support the course scheduling process.  We do not process requests directly from instructors.

While this work is being completed, please email directly with requests.  Content required in the email is provided below.

Instructor requests:

  • Instructor name / add or delete
  • Course/Section  

 *Note - if you have many sections, you can attach an excel spreadsheet with the columns of instructor to add, instructor to delete, and course section

Directed Studies/Special Topics/Waitlist request:

  • Course
  • Instructor
  • Term
  • # of seats
  • Credits
  • Short Title/Long title
  • Room required – if so days/times
  • Any Additional Notes


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