About the English Foundation Program

The English Foundation Program (EFP), offered by AVP Students and the Okanagan School of Education is an innovative and accredited program providing university admission to students who meet all academic requirements for a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Media Studies, or Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree program, yet who do not meet UBC's English Language Admission Standard.

The EFP combines intensive English language training and academic courses while engaging students in campus life — a perfect blend of strong academics, collaborative activities, and experiential and cultural learning on UBC's Okanagan campus.

ubcoAn aerial view of UBC's Okanagan campus

Program Highlights

  • Earn a degree from one of the TOP 40 research universities in the world
  • Enroll in academic courses and immediately start your degree
  • Receive credit for EFP courses that can be used toward your undergraduate degree*
  • Engage fully in academic and campus life

 *EAP 103 and EAP 104 can not be applied as credit toward Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees​

Registration Information


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