Registering with the Disability Resource Centre

Welcome to the Disability Resource Centre at UBC Okanagan! We look forward to working with you.  We understand and respect that your self‐knowledge and experience is a relevant and important aspect to determining the types of accommodations that will be most appropriate to you as you conduct your studies at UBC Okanagan. The information you provide here along with your medical documentation will give us a good foundation to start working together to determine the most reasonable accommodations to meet your individual needs.



This Intake Package contains all the information you need to initiate the registration process at the Disability Resource Centre.  The intake process can take 2‐4 weeks depending on the time of year, so please submit your documents in a timely manner.  Note: the last date that new intakes will be accepted for the current term is two weeks before the start date of the formal final exam period for that term.


DRC Student registration: Click here to access the Intake Package


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