Rights and responsibilities of students

The following is an excerpt from the University‚Äôs policy on Academic Policy for Students with Disabilities (Policy 73).

3. Responsibilities of the University towards Students with Disabilities

3.1. The University has a responsibility to:

3.1.1. ensure that persons are not denied admission on the basis of their disability;

3.1.2. accommodate students with disabilities, where appropriate, with respect to admission criteria;

3.1.3. make its courses or programs accessible to students with disabilities in accordance with the Human Rights Code (BC) and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms;

3.1.4. review documentation to ensure that recommendations and decisions regarding accommodation are based on appropriate medical information as well as educational considerations;

3.1.5. provide reasonable accommodation to students with disabilities;

3.1.6. appoint at least one Disability Liaison Person in each Faculty and in appropriate non-academic units;

3.1.7. ensure that faculty and staff are knowledgeable about relevant University policies and procedures and familiar with broader issues regarding persons with disabilities;

3.1.8. treat the information obtained as confidential according to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (BC).

4. Responsibilities of Students with Disabilities

4.1. Every student with a disability at The University of British Columbia who seeks academic accommodation due to his or her disability has a responsibility to:

4.1.1. provide the necessary documentation to the Disability Resource Centre. The University of British Columbia does not provide or assume the cost of diagnostic services.

4.1.2. bring the request for accommodations or for changes in the accommodation needs to the attention of appropriate personnel in a timely manner in order to allow for arrangement of accommodations. New students are encouraged to self-identify at the time of acceptance. All new and returning students who will be requesting an accommodation are required to contact the DRC at the beginning of each term. Students who become disabled, either permanently or temporarily, and students with disabilities whose health status changes significantly during their time at the University, should contact DRC as soon as possible. At the beginning of each term, all students should discuss their situations with each instructor from whom they are seeking accommodation. DRC will contact instructors prior to this meeting if requested to do so by the student. All requests for exam and other test accommodations (e.g., extended time, alternative location, etc.) should be received by the DRC at least one week prior to the scheduled date for mid-term examinations/tests and one week prior to the start of formal examination periods. 



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