UBC Quarantine Bursary

About the bursary

The UBC Quarantine Bursary is a one-time needs-based bursary to support UBC students who do not meet current federal exemptions for mandatory quarantine upon arrival in Canada. If you are required to quarantine upon entry into Canada to begin or continue your studies, you may be eligible for financial assistance. The bursary is intended to help alleviate financial hardship and may not cover the entire cost of your stay.

Eligibility requirements

The UBC Quarantine Bursary is only for UBC students who meet all requirements below. Students cannot apply for their family members. The Quarantine Bursary cannot be used to support quarantine costs for family members or others traveling with you to Canada. If you are already receiving funding from UBC towards your quarantine costs, you are not eligible to receive funding through this bursary program.


  • You are enrolled and registered in an undergraduate, graduate, or post-baccalaureate degree program at the UBC Okanagan campus.
  • You are required to quarantine upon entry into Canada.
  • You have demonstrated financial need.
  • You will not use the bursary towards on-campus self-isolation costs.

How to apply

Students can submit requests for the bursary funding through an online application. The Admissions and Awards office will follow up with students who have submitted an application within 3-4 weeks.

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