Co-op Education -- for Employers

Co-op Education is a structured program that integrates a student's academic studies with relevant, paid work experience. Students alternate periods of professional on-the-job training with formal, in-class education.

Through co-op, employers gain access to highly skilled, talented employees.

Employer information for recruiting students from UBC School of Engineering

Employer information to hire students in Management, Human Kinetics, and other disciplines.  


  • Cost-effective solution for your short-term hiring needs
  • Assistance for seasonal workload fluctuations and completion of special projects
  • Relief for regular employees to concentrate on high priority job requirements
  • Streamlined way to road-test potential future employees and gain early access to the best
  • Supported workplace learning (site visits and learning objectives)
  • No-cost job posting and interview scheduling
  • Access to high-achieving and skilled students who offer a fresh perspective to your organization
  • Strategic long-term recruitment opportunities

Employer Testimonials

See what other employers are saying:

I'd like to thank the UBC Co-op Program for matching us with exceptional students. At Enquiro, we have seen Co-op students make a meaningful contribution to our company while gaining hands-on experience in the marketing industry.

Andrew Spoeth, Director of Marketing
Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc.

FortisBC has been very fortunate with our hiring of UBC Co-op students. The co-op students that we've hired in a number of work units have proved to be professional young people with the desire to learn and grow, and they also possess the practical skills needed to carry out all challenges that are presented to them.

Joanne Louden, HR Coordinator

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