Intercultural Career Development Program

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Intercultural Career Development Program*

The Intercultural Career Development Program (ICDP) is designed to help students navigate the Canadian job market and to identify workplace expectations while developing intercultural competency. Participants will be able to build job-search, interview and networking skills, as well as understand more about the legal requirements for working in Canada. Students receive a detailed letter of completion once they have met all the requirements for the ICDP.

*As we have moved to a virtual environment the format of our programming has changed, for 2022 we have worked with the careers team and other partners to offer two weeks of specific career focused for students in virtual environment.

Intercultural Career Development Program


Any UBC Okanagan student is welcome to register for the program, however, this program is mostly geared towards students who are close to completing their degree.

This program aims to assist students who are relatively new to the Canadian job market and is not restricted to international students. It is an excellent opportunity for any student to learn more about developing intercultural skills in the workplace.

Program outcomes

Students who complete the program will be able to:

  • navigate Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) documentation requirements to support the Canadian and international workplace transition
  • identify and explore their own identities/workplace expectations in relation to the identities and expectations of others through discussion, case studies, personalized activities, and guest speakers
  • develop intercultural competence/fluency as a means to create more meaningful interview, networking, and workplace interactions (e.g. via email, meetings, and professional and social settings)
  • connect with UBC’s Alumni Relations, local alumni, regional human resource managers, and immigration specialists
  • participate in career planning sessions to identify skills, prepare for the job search, and complete up-to-date and relevant resumes and cover letters

Program outline

The ICDP is divided into four components: workshops, career preparation, networking events, and immigration. Participants must complete all four components in order to receive their letter of completion.

Component one: Intercultural Communications Workshops

Participants must complete all four workshops from this section in order to satisfy the workshop component of this program. Workshops are offered twice per year (September to April).

Workshop one – Working in Canada 101

Find out what it is like to look for work in Canada and what tools you need to stand out and get ahead. Discover job preparation strategies and develop key intercultural skills that will help you secure a job.

Workshop two – Ask a hiring manager

Find out what hiring manager are really looking for when they look at your resume and cover letter. Join us for this informative question and answer session with an experienced Human Resources professional who will explain how hiring manager seek out and interview potential candidates.

Workshop three – Alumni panel

Hear from former UBC students who have successfully entered the Canadian job market and learn how they maneuvered the job market and landed their first post-UBC job. Ask questions and get inspired with real-world tips for getting hired.

Workshop four – Employment etiquette: everything you need to know

Learn more about what Canadian employers expect on the job. This workshop will cover important information as well as what to do and what not to do when working in a professional setting.

(BONUS) Workshop five – The Power of LinkedIn and your online social media presence

Find out how to use LinkedIn to network and make connections. Registered ICDP members will have the chance to update their LinkedIn photos. Registration required.

Component two: Career Preparation

Participants are required to complete one career preparation session organized by Career Development. Participants are encouraged to visit Career Development for a current listing of workshop offerings. Examples of potential workshops include:

Component three: Networking opportunities and events

Explore unique employment opportunities both on campus and in the community. Participants must complete at least one networking event. A complete list of acceptable networking events will be provided to ICPD participants when they register for the program. Some examples include:

Component four: Immigration information sessions

All international student participants must complete one immigration information session in order to successfully meet this component. Domestic participants can replace this requirement with another networking or Career Development event with the program coordinator’s permission.


For questions about ICDP, contact the Global Engagement Office.