Helpful documents & forms

Here you will find links to student forms (by faculty), information on the Academic Calendar, how to navigate Degree Navigator, first year advising guides, LOP request forms, and more! 

Student forms

Academic Calendar 

The Academic Calendar holds all of the information you will need to know about UBC's Okanagan campus: programs and majors that are offered, Policies and Regulations, course descriptions, and Important Dates and Deadlines

Summer Study Guide

Are you thinking of taking courses over the summer. Check out our Summer study guide for more information on all of your study options. 

First-year advising guides

Are you a first-year student and unsure of what courses to take?

To help you plan and register for courses, consult our first-year advising guides listed below.

Beyond first-year advising guide

Beyond first-year advising guide

Degree Navigator

Degree Navigator is an interactive advising tool designed to help you make informed decisions regarding your academic program. We've made two tutorial videos to walk you through how to use Degree Navigator. They are short and go through the main tips and tricks for the program. Check them out here:

We also have a Degree Navigator Tip Sheet for more information on using the program to check your degree progress.


Letter of permission (LOP) request forms

Faculty of Arts and Sciences LOP

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies LOP

School of Engineering LOP

School of Health & Exercise Sciences (HMKN) LOP

School of Nursing (NRSG) LOP

Faculty of Management LOP

Transfer credit guide

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