Student Resources

Current Aboriginal students can access a number of services and support in the  Aboriginal Centre, UNC 212. In the Centre, Aboriginal students can access a phone, computer, pay-for-print, fridge, and microwave, and enjoy a space where they can relax and meet other Aboriginal students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your frequently asked questions can be answered at the Student Services website, If you cannot find the information you are searching for, please check this website, or contact us.

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Paying Tuition

If you are being sponsored for your tuition (i.e., by your band, a Metis association, etc.), your band or Aboriginal association will need to fill out a Sponsorship Third-Party Billing Form. If you are not being sponsored, it is your responsibility to pay your tuition and fees on time. Please consult the UBC Okanagan Calendar for tuition fee payment dates and deadlines.

Please note: if you do not pay your tuition by these dates, you may be placed on financial hold. To pay your tuition fees, you can use any of the methods that you used to pay your acceptance deposit. For more information on paying tuition and fees, please consult the General Information and Policy on Fees section in the UBC Okanagan Calendar.

Sponsorship Third Party Billing Form

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Buying Textbooks

If you are buying textbooks yourself

  • Check out the bookstore for Textbook Buying for helpful tips on buying or renting books through the UBC Bookstore Okanagan.
  • A few weeks before classes start, go online to the Bookstore's Course Book Guide. This guide will tell you which books you need for each of the classes registered for.
  • In the first few weeks of classes, the Bookstore may be chaotic, so make sure you have some time (and some patience). Take advantage of the Bookstore's extended hours during the first few weeks of classes.
  • There are other places to buy textbooks, including GreenText (the Used Bookstore in the UBCSUO), and many popular websites offer a good deal on textbooks. 
  • Save money by buying used textbooks, and check with your professor if previous editions of a textbook is still relevant.

If you are being sponsored for your textbooks

  • You can only buy textbooks from the UBC Bookstore located in the ADMIN building.
  • You will need to let the cashier know that you are being sponsored because they will have a list of how much money you are allowed to spend. Make sure you bring ID, otherwise they will not be able to process your purchase.
  • It is your responsibility to contact your sponsor if your books end up costing more money than your sponsor has allotted for you. Ask your sponsor if they can cover these costs. If they agree to, they need to contact the bookstore again to authorize more money. Or, if it's okay with your sponsor, you can buy the books and get reimbursed. If your sponsor will not cover the extra costs, you will have to pay for the books yourself.

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The UBCcard is your official UBC Okanagan student identification and much more. Use this free, all-in-one card to borrow items from the library or to access your meal plan account.

It's your official student identification

The UBCcard is valid for up to four years, or for the duration of your program. If your personal information changes, such as your legal name or student status, you must notify the Student Services desk (University Center 2nd floor foyer) to request a new card. You will receive it at no cost.

It's your Library card

The UBCcard is your access to UBC Library loans and services. UBC Library loan regulations apply to card use. These regulations are available online at the UBC Library and at all UBC Library locations. UBCcard activation is not immediate. Please allow 24 hours between obtaining your card and using it at the library.

It's your card for accessing your meal plan account

If you have purchased a meal plan your UBCcard acts as your meal plancard and you must present it at point of sale.

Where you get your card

In person at the Student Services desk in the University Centre 2nd floor during open hours. When you apply, you'll be asked to provide your UBC student number and one piece of government-issued photo identification, i.e., driver's license, provincial/state identification, or passport. Your photo will be taken and your card will be issued while you wait. Hats and/or sunglasses must be removed for the photo.

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Financial Assistance

There are several funding options to help you pay for your university education – some require applications while others are assessed automatically. Some of the major funding options include student loans, bursaries, and scholarships. For up-to-date information or to see whether you are eligible for financial assistance, visit the Student Financial Assistance & Awards office in the Student Services Building or check the Awards, Fees & Finances website. If you are being sponsored for your tuition (i.e., by your band, a Metis association, etc.), your band or Aboriginal association will need to fill out a Sponsorship Third-Party Billing Form. For more information please contact Aboriginal Programs and Services.

Sponsorship Third Party Billing Form

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Health and Dental

All UBC Okanagan students are members of the UBC Okanagan Students' Union (UBCSUO) and are automatically enrolled in the UBCSUO Health & Dental Plan. Along with tuition and other fees, UBC Okanagan students will be charged fees for this plan. If you are already covered by an equivalent health and dental plan, you can opt out of coverage with the UBCSUO Health & Dental Plan. To find out more information on the UBCSUO Health & Dental Plan, including how to opt out or add additional people, visit the UBCSUO Health and Dental website.

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Computer Labs and Printing

Computer support

ITServices at UBC Okanagan provides a range of support to students, including computer workstations, student computer labs, audio-visual systems, wired and wireless networks, computer accounts, email, telephones, printing, and photocopying.

Computer Access

Computers are accessible in the library. There is also a student computer lab in the Aboriginal Centre. 

Logging in to Novell and Disk Storage

Your Novell username is your student ID number, your initial password is your birthdate in the format MMDDYY. If you didn’t supply a birthdate when registering, your initial password is the first six digits of your student ID number. Once you are logged in to the Novell network, your personal storage is available on the F: drive which you may access via the "My Documents" link on the desktop.


In order to print, you will need to transfer money from your cash card into your Netware student account. Your Netware student account is the standard account that you use to login to all computers on campus (your UBC student ID number is your user name and your initial password is set to your birth date in the format MMDDYY). Every Netware account starts with a balance of one dollar. To add money to your Netware account you will need to use one of the Pay for Print kiosk machines on campus. There are three of these machines - one in the foyer of the Arts building and two behind the Reference Desk in the Library Information Commons. Each is marked prominently with an orange sign that reads "PAY FOR PRINT KIOSK".The kiosks are very simple to use - you simply put your card into the card reader, enter your Netware account information (the same information you use to login to computers on campus), and enter the balance that you wish to transfer to your Netware student account.

Every time you print from any campus computer lab your job will go into your personal holding queue. To pay for the job, and therefore release it from the holding queue for printing, you'll need to visit the Pay for Print web page. A shortcut for this page is on the desktop of every Okanagan campus lab machine - simply double-click on it and provide your Netware login credentials (the same ones you use to login to the computers). From this page you can see how much it will cost to print any of the jobs in your holding queue. You also have the option of deleting any jobs from your queue that you do not wish to print. To select a job for printing or deletion, click the box in the left hand column next to it and then click the "Print" or "Delete" button. Your balance at the top of the page will be updated once the job is released from the holding queue. We do recommend that you check the printer before releasing jobs from the holding queue to ensure that there is enough paper in the printer to handle your print job. If you try to release a job that you do not have enough funds to print the job will be deleted and you will receive a network message advising you that you did not have enough credit to print the job.

For more information on printing, please visit:

For more information on the cost of printing, please visit:

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Course or Program Withdrawal

If you are withdrawing from your program or course, please make note of course withdrawal information and deadlines. You may withdraw from a course before the withdrawal deadline and avoid academic penalty (a failing grade). You may still be eligible for a full or partial tuition fee refund if you withdraw before the appropriate withdrawal deadlines. If you wish to withdraw from a course past the deadlines, you should read UBC Okanagan's policy regarding late withdrawals (academic concession) and consult an academic advisor prior to withdrawing. Please be aware that course withdrawals may result in the following consequences:

  • Loss of eligibility for student loans and financial aid
  • Loss of eligibility for Work Study or other student employment programs
  • Loss of sponsorship - contact us for information

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Orientation and Support Services

Aboriginal Student Orientation

During the first week of September, Aboriginal Programs & Services holds an orientation for new and continuing Aboriginal students. This event includes a complete orientation to UBC Okanagan, introduction to support staff and services, and question and answer period. It's a time to meet other students before starting classes in September. Click here to register for Aboriginal Student Orientation.

Aboriginal Centre

Housed on the second floor of the University Centre building (UNC 210), The Aboriginal Centre provides a sense of belonging and community to Aboriginal students. This home away from home is committed to enriching the quality of the student experience for Aboriginal students by promoting access, providing capacity building opportunities and celebrating success.

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Housing Resources

Please visit our Housing Resources page for a .pdf copy of our Housing Resources For Aboriginal Students

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Finding a Job

CareerConnect is specifically for current UBC students and alumni. Use CareerConnect to search job postings and volunteer positions. Login with your CWL and you will see a description of the job, the skills required, the skills you will gain and how to apply to the job. You can find the career connect page by visiting:

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