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What is Kick Start?

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If you are interested in connecting with other first year students, then Kick Start is a perfect fit and a great way to kick-off your first year at UBC’s Okanagan campus!

Kick Start brings a select group of out-of-region/out-of-province incoming first year students together who want to explore their new learning environment and get a kick start on their university experience.  Participants will experience fun adventures off campus, academic orientation on campus, and learn alongside other new-to-UBC students.  Student services staff, faculty, and Kick Start Assistants will support you during this whole adventure.

Kick Start is an extended intensive orientation program designed to help first-year students:

  • Make meaningful friendships
  • Experience exciting adventures in and around Kelowna
  • Settle into campus
  • Meet faculty
  • Gain valuable tips for academic success


* Please note that some of these activities require waivers from 3rd party providers. These waivers will be provided to each student on their arrival to campus and will need to be filled out and signed before enjoying the associated activity.


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