Finding a Job

The Canadian job market is highly competitive and requires initiative, patience, and persistence. You can look for a job in a number of different places.

  • UBC's Okanagan campus Career Services is the best place to start your job search. Visit the Career Services website for more information.
  • Career Services has a board on the main floor of the Student Services Centre building that has postings for on- and off-campus jobs.
  • Career Services is also able to help you with cover letter writing, resume building and  developing interview skills.
  • On-campus jobs that involve working for a professor or the department office are often posted on bulletin boards around campus. Department administrative staff are also good sources of information about upcoming jobs.
  • Asking people you know is another way to find out about jobs. Teaching or research assistantships, for example, are sometimes given out on the basis of a personal recommendation from a professor.
  • Drop your resumé off at the offices or units that regularly hire student workers. UBC's Okanagan campus library, Bookstore, Campus Recreation, and Food Services all hire student workers.

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