Intercultural Career Development Program 

Program Outcomes

The Intercultural Career Development Program (ICDP) is a joint initiative between UBC Okanagan’s Career Services and International Programs and Services departments. Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate of completion and be able to:

  • navigate IRCC (immigration) documentation requirements to support the Canadian and international workplace transition;
  • identify and explore their own identities/workplace expectations in relation to the identities and expectations of others through discussion, case studies, personalized activities, and guest speakers;
  • develop intercultural competence/fluency as a means to create more meaningful interview, networking, and workplace interactions (ie. via email, meetings, and professional and social settings);
  • connect with UBC’s Alumni Relations, local alumni, regional HR managers, and immigration specialists;
  • participate in Career Services’ sessions to identify skills, prepare for the job search, and complete up-to-date and relevant resumes and cover letters


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The components include a combination of mandatory and optional sessions that are run throughout the year.  As part of the ICDP Program participants are required to complete different four components to receive their certificate of completion. 

Required courses covering the following topics:

  • Each workshop will be happen twice per year (Fall and Spring)

Component #1 Intercultural Communication in the Workplace Workshop(s)

Workshop #1 - Culture in the Workplace

  • Case Studies
  • Emailing cross cultures
  • Values in the workplace

Workshop #2 Leading in an Intercultural Environment

Workshop #3 Alumni Panel

Former students who work locally in the Okanagan Valley will come and share their experience and be open to your questions. Topics such as permanent residency and the process involved with immigration documentation, as well as the first year on the job will be covered by this panel discussion. 

Workshop #4 - Applying, Interviewing and getting the job in the international workplace

  • HR Manager Interview
  • Considerations and advice for interviewing for a job

Component #2 Career Preparation

Participants are required to complete one of each of the following.

In working with Robin and Philipp you can focus on creating relevant topics and focus depending on the individual student needs (faculties, graduate, undergraduate etc.) 

Component #3 – Networking Opportunities and Events

Participants are required to complete at a minimum one networking activity for the completion of the ICDP, but are encouraged to do more.

In working with Philipp you can focus on creating relevant topics and focus depending on the individual student needs (faculties, graduate, undergraduate students etc.

Component #4 - Immigration Information Sessions

  • Regarding immigration pathways (BC PNP, Express Entry and PGWP Program)
  • Multiple sessions held throughout the year that you can choose from
  • Students need to make sure that they have signed in for the session to receive credit


To Register for the ICDP click HERE



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