Information on requesting exam accommodation

As with any other accommodation, exam accommodations are selected based on documented need.

Your disability or medical condition may impact your ability to take exams in standard exam conditions (e.g., in a classroom or lab setting). Exam accommodations allow students with disabilities to demonstrate their knowledge of the course material. They are determined by the student's documented need. 

Exam accommodations may include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following

  • Extended time (e.g., time and a half, double time, split exam)
  • Alternate format exam (e.g., access to text to speech software, enlargement, Braille)
  • Alternate format response system (e.g. Dragon Speaking,  access to screen reading software, scribe)
  • Environmental adjustments (e.g., separate setting, low lighting)
  • Access to assistive and/or computer technology
  • Specialized furniture (e.g., adjustable table, ergonomic chair).

    If you are thinking of registering with the Disability Resource Centre, you should book an appointment with an advisor to determine the range of accommodations that you are eligible for. The Advisor will explain the process of arranging accommodated exams.

    Arranging an exam accommodation

    Your exam accommodation is arranged by you submitting an on line exam booking form to the DRC.  This form is available by logging into your Blackboard Connect acccount or by clicking on the link below.  Please submit your form on line a minimum of 9 days prior in to the exam date.  This number of days is to allow the faculty member time ( 48 hours) to complete their portion of the exam form and submit to the DRC. If you are not able to do this, the DRC cannot guarantee exam accommodations.  If you are unable to submit your your exam request form the minimum of 9 days please contact the DRC office.

  • You can access the exam booking form from Blackboard Connect.  Please access your instructions by clicking on this link Self-Enrol to DRC Connect Site. **If you have difficulty accessing the site on Connect - Blackboard, please email

    To arrange an accommodated exam, follow these steps:

      1. Click on this link or access the form on Connect to submit an on-line exam booking form. On- Line Exam Booking Form.  Fill in your details of the exam then click submit to send the form to the faculty member.
      2. You will be sent an confirmation email stating "Submission Receipt" of your form being sent to the faculty member and a copy of the email that was sent to them.
      3. The faculty member will receive an email stating "Action Required" for DRC Online Exam Booking form.
      4. The faculty member will complete the exam details and click submit to send the form to the DRC.  
      5. You will be sent notification when your faculty member has completed the form and submitted to the DRC
      6. You will receive an email stating "Status Update" when your exam application has been received by the DRC

    Policies and expectations

    It is important to note that UBC's Rules Governing Formal Examinations (as outlined in the calendar) apply to the sitting of accommodated exams as well.

    In addition, accommodated exams require further guidelines to ensure fair and consistent service to students:

    • Report to UNC 214, unless otherwise specified for all midterm and spring/summer exams.
    • Arrive fifteen minutes ahead of time and be fully prepared to start the exam at the scheduled time.
    • Coats, jackets, and bags will not be permitted in the exam room. Odorless food and refreshment is allowed.
    • You mus tbe able to  provide your UBC card for identification purposes.
    • Bring into the exam room only the material that is authorized by your instructor as indicated on the exam or on-line (e.g., notes, books, calculators, and formula sheets will not be allowed in without explicit written authorization from the professor).
    • Cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices are not permitted without explicit written permission from the instructor on the exam form.
    • Students who are eligible for private space will write alone in an exam room with regular checks by an invigilator. Because an invigilator is not present at all times, students writing in a private space will be required to undergo a security check. Before entering the private room, you must rid yourself of any unauthorized materials. If any unauthorized materials are found once you have entered the exam room, the exam will be halted. The DRC may contact your professor and department head, and provide a report to them.
    • Students who are not eligible for private exam space will sit in an exam room with other students and an invigilator will be present in the room at all times. Cheating is not tolerated and will be subject to the disciplinary processes outlined by UBC's Student Conduct and Discipline policy.
    • Start and stop times for examinations will be strictly followed.
    • Consistent with university policy, students who arrive more than 30 minutes late will not be permitted to start the exam. Students will not be permitted to leave during the first half hour of the examination.
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