I Am Accessible Award

Terms of Reference 


Purpose of Program 

The I Am Accessible Award is presented to recognize and celebrate UBC faculty and staff who exemplify the qualities of an inclusive education institution.



Nominees must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. An employee (faculty or staff) of UBC Okanagan
  2. Must be nominated by a student actively registered with the Disability Resource Centre in the year of nomination



There are three categories for awards.  Each year one award will be presented per category.

1.  The Faculty Award is presented to an individual who epitomized inclusive education by demonstrating the following:

  • Equitable access to learning materials and resources used in the classroom and/or lab. Some examples (not an exhaustive list) 
    • Posted lecture notes and/or power point slides prior to class so students could be prepared and knew what was going to be covered in class.
    • Provided information using different modalities to ensure that students had multiple opportunities to engage with the same material – e.g. Lecture material given in a visual format as well as provided orally; students work in pairs or small groups to further engage with the material provided in lecture; use of video/story telling/discussion to learn and assimilate concepts learned in lecture.
    • Provided multiple modalities for students to demonstrate their learning and be evaluated. 
  • A positive attitude towards diverse learning needs and a good understanding that students may need different things to achieve similar outcomes in the class. 
  • A willingness to be flexible while maintaining academic standards.

2.  The Non-Faculty Award is presented to an individual who was exceptional in some way that made student(s) feel welcomed and included at UBCO.  Some examples of departments or non-faculty staff who students come into contact with on a regular basis: 

  • Student Services:
    • Campus Life Programs
    • Health & Wellness
    • International Programs & Services
    • Aboriginal Programs & Services
    • Campus Recreation
    • Academic Resources (e.g. Supplemental Learning, Math Centre)
    • Academic Advisors; Career Advisor; Community Service Learning; Go Global
  • Library Services 
  • The Writing and Research Centre
  • Residence Life
  • Security
  • Facilities
  • Food Services – cafeterias etc. 
  • Enrollment Services
  • Administrative and support staff for all of the faculties

3.  The DRC Staff Choice Award is presented to an individual who has:

  • Demonstrated exceptional support of a student or students registered with the DRC.
  • Worked collaboratively with DRC to ensure smooth administration of academic accommodations.
  • Actively took responsibility to promote tenets of inclusive education.


Nomination Process

  1. Students may choose a nominee for each of the first two categories (faculty or non-faculty), or may nominate someone for just one category.  Please limit nominees to one person per category only.
  2. Nominators will be required to provide a clear rationale based on the criteria outlined as to why they nominate the individual.
  3. The award committee will administer the program, receive and evaluate nominations, and recommend the award recipients for each year.


Submission Process 

  • Nominations should be submitted online using this form.
  • Please note: The nominator name and statement (or excerpts from it) may be read at the time of presentation of the award.  The nominator will be notified if his/her nominee is selected and will be invited to present the award, but this is not a requirement. 
  • Nominations are due on the last Monday in June.


Award Presentation

The awards will be presented at a reception held during the Diversity & Equity week of the Spark Extended Orientation each year.


Award Committee

The UBC Okanagan Disability Resource Centre I Am Accessible Award committee is made up of representatives from the Disability Resource Centre, Student Development and Advising, UBCO faculty, and the student body.  This committee will administer, receive, evaluate, and recommend the award recipients for each year.

Membership to consist of:

  • Disability Resource Centre staff representative(s)
  • Student Development and Advising representative
  • Faculty representative
  • Student representative

Committee will be charged with:

  • Determining nomination process and requirements
  • Refining selection criteria
  • Sending out call for nominations
  • Reviewing nominee packages, and
  • Selection of award recipients each year


Administration for the Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference document will be available online here.



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