Previous Award Recipients

I Am Accessible 2015

2015 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  Clockwise from left: Ben Tippett, Milka Beck, Allison Hargreaves, Aleksandra Dulic, Yang Cao, Paul Davies, Daniel Keyes, Ramon Lawrence.  Not pictured: Richard Plunkett, Ruth Frost, Matthew Rader, Hsing-Ming Chang.

In the news: Faculty honoured for keeping campus inclusive to all students (The Exchange, September 29 2015)

I Am Accessible 2014

2014 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  Clockwise from left: Bowen Hui and Alexandra Gretchko (nominator); Christopher Bitcon (nominator) and Scott Reid; Katie Poole (nominator) and Carlo Rasi; Fern Helfand; Trudy Kavanagh and Clayton March (nominator) with Ember (assistance dog); Ruthann Lee.

In the news: Celebrating accessibility (The Exchange, September 16 2014)

I Am Accessible 2013

2013 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  From left: Paul Davies, Clayton March (nominator), Mark Holder.  Not pictured: Jan Cioe, Anne MacLean, Mary Ann Murphy.

In the news: Leading the way in on-campus accessibility (The Exchange, September 11 2013)

I Am Accessible 2012

2012 I Am Accessible Award recipients.  From left: Trudy Kavanagh and Robyn Weninger (nominator); Mary Stockdale and Meghan Currie (nominator); Jess Roebuck, previous DRC Coordinator.

In the news: Professors recognized for their accessibility efforts (The Exchange, June 4 2012)

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