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How to accommodate exams for students 

Exam accommodations are intended to remove the effects of a disability on a student's demonstration of knowledge and skills. Accommodations are based on a student's documented disability. 

Ideally, departments arrange for students to write accommodated exams within their own facilities. However, students requiring specialized services, equipment, or settings that cannot be reasonably provided by a department may arrange to write exams through the DRC which provides exam invigilation and implements the University's exam policies.

Exam Accommodation Form

Students writing an exam at the DRC will fill out an Online Booking Form and submit on line to their faculty member.The form will be emailed to you with a subject line of "Action Required DRC On-line Exam Booking Form" . Please complete as soon as you receive the form to ensure that we receive the form 7 days prior to the date of the exam, in order to guarantee the student's exam accommodations.

As an instructor, when completing the form, you should:

  • Complete the necessary information about the exam

  • Specify the allowances of the exam – e.g., the use of a calculator (including its type: programmable, non-programmable, or graphing).

  • Provide telephone numbers of where you can be reached during the exam sitting or the name and telephone number of another contact person in case we have questions or concerns.

  • Submit the form online to DRC.
Instructors should provide the DRC with a copy of the exam at least 2 days before the exam date. The exam may be emailed or dropped off at our office.

There are two options for the return of the exam package:


1.  Exams can be picked up by you personally from the DRC UNC 214

2.  Exams can be picked up by a TA or designate from the DRC UNC 214

Please be sure to specify on the Exam Booking Form which method you would prefer.  

For information, questions, or concerns about exam arrangements, contact: 


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For information, questions, or concerns about exam arrangements, contact:

DRC Exam Scheduler