Access to Campus


All applications for on-campus residence must be made through UBC Okanagan Housing Department.

Priority placement

If, as a student with a disability or a chronic medical condition, you feel that you need to live on campus or you have special requirements for on-campus housing, you must apply for housing using the online application and indicate in your application that you are a student with a disability. Yourmedical documentation must provide detailed information about the functional impact ofyour disability/chronic medical condition in relation toyour request for priority access to student housing. You will be contacted by the DRC Coordinator to provide your documentation and discuss your request.

In order to be recommended for priority placement, you must have disability-related needs that cannot be met in off-campus housing. The presence of a disability is insufficient to qualify for priority placement. Priority placement is only considered in exceptional circumstances.

If you are recommended for priority placement by the DRC, you will be offered the next suitable unit that is available.

If you have questions about priority placement please email

Course load requirements

All students intending to live on campus must maintain a course load of at least 9 credits per term. If you cannot maintain that course load for disability-related reasons, you may apply to the DRC for permission to live on campus with a reduced course load. If you are granted permission, you must take a minimum of 6 credits per term, but preferably 9 credits per term, to remain in UBCO housing.

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