Consent emoji

Consent is clear

You always need a 'yes!' for sex (or making out, or touching, or whatever)

Consent is enthusiastic, freely given, and can be revoked at any time

emoji-yes  consent-yes  Yes! = yes when it's enthusiastic, freely given, and current  emoji-kiss  consent-caution  You're dating = treat them right, ask every time
 emoji-nowords consent-no
 Silence = nope  emoji-questionable consent-no

A 'maybe' or hesitation = nope

 emoji-sick consent-no Intoxicated (even a little) = not happening, get them pizza instead  emoji-sleep consent-no Unconscious or sleeping = creeeepy and um no


Let's be good to each other

You play a role in making this campus an awesome, safe, and caring place. Respect others and treat them the way they want to be treated. We're all connected, so let's be good to each other.

6 things to know about consent

Consent is a an enthusiastic and freely given 'yes' to engage in sexual activity.

Consenting to one kind of sexual activity does not mean consent is given to another sexual activity, and consent only applies to each specific instance of sexual activity.

  • Can not be assumed or implied from silence or the absence of 'no.'

    There is no consent if the person doesn't reply.

  • Can not be given if a person is affected by alcohol or drugs, or is unconscious.

    There is no consent if someone is impaired, incapacitated, asleep, or passed out.

  • Can not be obtained through threats or coercion.

    There is no consent if the person is manipulated, pressured, or threatened.

  • Can not be obtained if someone abuses a position of trust, power, or authority.

    There is no consent if someone uses a position of power or authority to get someone to engage in unwanted sexual activity.

  • Is revocable at any time.

    Consent does not exist if someone has said 'yes,' but then says 'no' later with words or body language.

  • Does not exist if someone has said 'no' with words or body language.

What people are saying

Find support

Whether you need support for yourself or you're concerned about someone else, the best thing you can do is reach out.

If you have immediate safety concerns for yourself or others

Call Emergency Services: 911

About the campaign

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Why emoji?

Research suggests that people react to emoji (or emoticons) the same way they would a real human face. Emoji are excellent at grabbing attention, creating a sense of approachability, and inviting people into a conversation. Some research even suggests that emoji can affect cognition, helping people remember a message more easily. This makes emoji perfect for getting the message out about a topic as important as consent. :-)

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